Jegmeshwar “J.J.” Khela, BVSc

Dr. Jagmeshwar “JJ” Khela joined SVA in September of 2022.  Dr. Khela says when he was a kid he was positive he knew what he wanted do when he grew up: become a firefighter. “We had a career day at my school in second grade and we had a firefighter come speak to us. You get to have a big axe, cool suit, and ride in the big red truck. I thought it was the coolest job ever.” Throughout his life he reveals he “always had a love for animals and a curiosity to learn more about them, but was scared to pursue it as a profession.” Given his excitement about firefighting, we assume his fear had more to do with the amount of schooling rather than the dangerous situations he would encounter. Regardless, he tells us his aunt, a nurse, motivated him to “go for it.” That got the ball rolling for him to become a veterinarian and “Here I am today.”

JJ subsequently graduated from GADVASU on completion of his Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) degree leaving him to decide where to become licensed to practice. During his lifetime he has moved from California to India back to California and then to Vancouver (Canada) which has given him both a unique view of the world and taught him three languages (English, Punjabi, and Hindi). Ultimately, he decided to get his license in Washington and move to Seattle. He looks forward to continuing to improve his knowledge and understanding of veterinary medicine and surgery throughout his career. He says he will continue to encourage himself to think both in and outside of the box to find solutions.

When he’s not working he love to be around nature, be it relaxing at the beach, hiking, or attempting to paddleboard on a lake. He says he is a big time foodie, “I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and trying new restaurants together.” JJ does not currently have any pets but most recently shared his home with a German Shepherd Dog and an English Mastiff. He identifies as a “large dog” person when it comes to his personal life and plans on adding an Akita or Great Dane to his life.