Clinic Admission Form

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Due to COVID19 our appointment procedures have changed. Please read and follow the directions below to help us best serve you and your pets. 

  1. Please fill out the pre-visit form above before you arrive. With limited time to speak on the phone this information helps us immensely. 
  2. Check in is 10 minutes before your appointment. Late arrivals will require rescheduling.
  3. Clients are not currently allowed within the clinic.  Please, stay in your car (or if you are walking please maintain social distance).
  4. Call us at 206-522-2114. Inform the receptionist of your parking space number (or where you are standing) and the best phone number at which to reach you. It is extremely important that you have your phone on and are available to take a call while we have your pet. Failure to do so may result in missing your opportunity to speak with the Doctor.
  5. Please be patient, as your assistant or technician will come to you when your pet is ready to be brought into the clinic.
  6. Follow the CDC’s recommendations and help stay safe by wearing a mask. Our team will do the same.
  7. Keep your dog on leash or your cat in a carrier. In order to maintain social distancing, the assistant or technician will not be able to retrieve your pet from your vehicle.
  8. The team may notify you to drop off your pet with us for a portion of the day, so that you do not need to wait at the clinic. Please do not plan to leave until you’ve spoken the doctor (unless arrangements have been made ahead of time).
  9. Pay over the phone or via a secure email link. We will collect payment before you pick up your pet.
  10. Please understand that our work flow and normal procedures in the clinic have all been altered. We appreciate your patience and grace as we attempt to keep our essential employees safe, while still providing high quality care for your pets.