Adele joined SVA in March of 2018 after receiving both a Bachelor of Science in physiology and a Bachelor of Arts in musical theater from the University of Washington. Her veterinary interests include animal psychology and behavior as well as stress-free handling techniques. Her goal is ultimately become a veterinarian. When she’s not at work […]


Renée joined SVA in 2012. She began her career as a veterinary assistant in 2000 and spent several years working at an emergency animal hospital. Her veterinary interests include senior care and emergency medicine. Renée has a passion for training and behavior and aspires to train service dogs in the future. She had the privilege […]

Cody E.

Cody joined SVA in 2015.  He has a particular interest in animal psychology and behavior.  When he’s not learning more about the way animal minds work Cody can be found writing, hiking, exploring urban areas, enjoying films, comedy, and cooking.

Kristen W

Kristen joined SVA in 2015.  She earned a Veterinary Assistant Certificate from PIMA medical institute and is interested in veterinary surgery, phlebotomy, the human/animal bond, and all the messy, dirty things that gross other people out.  Outside of work, Kristen enjoys hiking, reading, yoga, and just about anything she can do outdoors.  Kristen is owned […]

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